About us

Empowering mums through simple design.

To 'empower' is to assist mums in gaining freedom to meet their own needs while becoming stronger and more confident mothers.
Our 'simple design' provides mums with an easy way to cuddle their newborn - heart to heart.


Welcome!  Meet my gorgeous family, my husband Andrew, my two daughters Mila aged 5 and Isobel aged 3 and myself Cara.  We have designed the baby pouch to make life easier for you, because we get it, we've been there twice and as a mother myself who struggled during the newborn stage I have first hand experience with needing life to be easier.  The desire to get up off the couch, drink a cup of coffee or do the normal things like nip into the store are so important for our mental health.  After all, happy mum equals happy baby.

The simplicity of the baby pouch means you can just slip on the top and pop baby in.  It is designed to be worn all day and as there is no clipping, tying or positioning to get your head around, there's no need to watch repeats of youtube clips to get it on right!  

The baby pouch is crafted out of stretchy soft materials to keep you both comfy, and when the baby's not in it the top functions as a simple breastfeeding singlet!  We believe babywearing in any form is amazing.  The baby pouch makes it a little simpler, at a time when you mums need a little help.  

We are strong believers in producing quality products.  Making items that last means a cleaner planet for all. All of our clothing is designed in New Zealand and is manufactured in an ethical factory using organic materials.  This makes our product cleaner, greener and simply more amazing!

Feel free to connect with us on Facebook or instagram, or send me an email at info@thebabypouch.co.nz. I am no expert, but I am a mum to two beautiful little girls and I would love to answer your questions and hear about your experience as a mama to a newborn.

And if you do treat yourself to the baby pouch (go on, you deserve it) we would love it if you shared a pouchie (pouch + selfie) to instagram #hearttoheart!  Lets get the word out there and help fellow mamas in making their lives a little bit easier during those magical first three months.

Stay beautiful x 



Empowering mums through simple design.