Safe babywearing

T I C K S Babywearing Safety


The Baby Pouch is tight and secure to keep baby close to mum in a heart to heart positioning.  Your baby should be close and kissable.

In view at all times

The Baby Pouch  keeps infants in the safest place possible: a parents arms, with baby's face visible to mum.  Ensure you can see your baby's face at all times and attend to and check on them often.

Close enough to kiss

You should be able to kiss the top of your baby's head.

Keep chin off chest

Make sure your baby's head and neck are fully supported, with chin off chest.  Use the hood to provide support for the head.  The hood should be lowered to support across the shoulders as your baby grows.  Support your baby's head with one hand.

Supported back

Make sure baby is positioned in a froggy position.  This means knees slightly spread in a natural position and slightly higher than bottom (think the letter M). The Baby Pouch mimics an in-arms carrying position.  Baby's head should be at a kissable height.  Position of your baby in the pouch means that baby's back is supported and they dont slump down.



For further information on babywearing check out the below websites:


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